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"I had an idea for a custom designed pendant I wanted made as a gift for my husband and Rebecca helped bring this to fruition! I had consulted several jewelers but none of them compared to the artistic attention, heartfelt care and delightful energy Rebecca brought to the project. Her eye for design helped turn my idea into a unique piece of jewelry art that my husband wears every day and loves!"

~ Nicole Carmen

"What I love most about Rebecca's jewelry is that it is a cool combination of tough and sweet - leather cuffs with silver flowers or hearts, beautiful pendants on a stainless steel wire or trendy, chunky rings with embedded birthstones. I have one of each and love them all. The hardest part is not wearing them all at the same time!"

~ Nancy Marcus

There is nothing else that compares to glassblowing! It requires a sense of immediacy and mindfulness while working with the glass, and provides a connection to an art form that dates back thousands of years.
Rebecca gives you the opportunity to work the glass right away, but I have to say, the sense of awe at having molten glass in your hands (so to speak) never goes away. Once you have experienced it, you will have a new appreciation for glass work everywhere you go! You will find yourself saying, ‘I know how they did that!’ And a warning, this is highly addicting.”

~ Carol Franklin, Austin, TX

My husband bought a collection of beautiful glass ornaments as a surprise birthday gift for me. I LOVE them!! Each one is unique and beautiful! While they are Christmas ornaments, they are simply too beautiful to pack away. I display them year-round in a large vase.”

~ Brandye Byrd Kiker, Dallas, TX

Rebecca Cole has been known to me for approximately one year. During that time I have come to know her as a committed and trustworthy professional. She is extremely focused on client satisfaction and cares immensely about her work product and brand.
I have purchased approximately 15 pieces from Rebecca in the past year, including bowls, ornaments and wine stoppers. I think her work is of very fine craftsmanship and possesses real artistic quality. I have recommended Rebecca and her work to numerous friends and colleagues given how much I value the quality of her work and professional integrity.
Beyond my relationship as a client I have come to know Rebecca personally as a friend. She is extremely loyal and dedicated to her relationships. Rebecca would be a great addition to any program or class given her strong interpersonal skills.
In summary I highly recommend Rebecca Cole as an artist, businesswoman and friend.

~ Aaron Marcus, Santa Monica, CA

I couldn't decide which winestoppers I wanted, so I chose four. The only problem is that I didn't get to keep any for myself! Everyone loved them so much, I had to gift them all! Beautiful and unique glass work! I will be returning soon to pick out more...hopefully for myself!

~ Modelle Gibson

What a great, unique and affordable gift. My recipients loved the pieces I chose for them.

~ Becky McHargue, Dallas, TX

We ordered custom glass wine stoppers, each of which were produced with our exact firm logo. They are a big hit and I am definitely going to order more!

~ Greg Deans

I bought a bowl for a friend for her birthday, and she cannot stop telling me how much she loves it. She loves home decor and especially this one of a kind bowl.

~ Amy Deans

Reminiscent of when you poured the left over Easter Egg dyes down the drain; watching the colors far too fabulous to describe, swirl and twirl and dance, but captured. Like candy that is too pretty to eat. Magic orbs that sit next to me perfectly still, but always moving. Basically Rebecca's work perfectly captures the collision of hot glass with energy and emotion. You will see something different every time you look - and you can't stop looking.

~ Alahna Krueger