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My recipe for designing is mostly God given talent, some from-the-heart inspiration; throw in a little bit of blind ambition and a whole lot of cool. I design and make pieces that make me happy and I think that energy comes across in my work. I am tickled and encouraged each time someone else gets joy from something I make.

My pieces are made in fine silver (.999 silver) from PMC (Precious Metal Clay). PMC is made from recycled silver particles that have a clay binder added. When I create a piece I work it in clay form. I enjoy being able to sketch a piece, watch it come to life in clay form (this part makes me feel like a kid) and then have my work memorialized in fine silver!

When I get the piece just the way I want it in its clay form, I kiln fire it and the clay binder dissipates and only fine silver remains. The difference between "fine" silver and "sterling" silver is that fine silver is 99.9% pure silver. Sterling is only 92.5% silver. They look the same, wear and polish the same, but fine silver is more costly and is considered more desirable.

Wedding Bouquet Charms:

I call these “something new.” They are charms a little bit bigger than a quarter that a bride can give to her florist to tie onto her bouquet for her wedding day. After the wedding it can be added to a charm bracelet, a necklace or key ring as a lovely keepsake. Each charm has the Bride and Groom’s initials and established with the wedding date. I can also customize the opposite side with a saying, a cool pattern and/or the addition of a small stone in the bride’s wedding colors. These could also be customized to go on the bridesmaids bouquets as well.

Wrist Cuffs:

I find inspiration for my cuffs everywhere! One of my favorites is “Be Loud.” This was inspired by my friend, Brian Loud, who plays in a band. Other cuffs are inspired by sayings I run across or my mood of the day. I’ve also take requests! In an effort to keep things as green as possible, almost all of my cuffs are made from re-purposed belts.

This medium allows me to experiment limitlessly! I’m not limited to traditional jewelry like rings, pendants and earrings. Check out my gallery and you will see some of the other possibilities like cuff-links, key fobs, mother’s necklaces with baby’s birthday and initials and even the tie-tack my dad requested! What would you like to see made in fine silver?