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Welcome to RC Jewelry & Hot Glass

Fine silver and hot glass are my media of choice. Blowing glass remains my hobby and my passion. Why? Because it’s still cool AND because I continue to be challenged each time I sit at the bench. But I have found another medium that is just as fulfilling and more conducive to the Austin climate

In November of 2011 I took a jewelry making class using PMC (precious metal clay). PMC starts out as a clay substance, recycled silver particles in a clay binder – essentially the process is like making small jewelry sculptures out of clay. The piece is then dried and kiln fired the organic binder (clay) is burned off and all that remains is a .999 fine silver piece of wearable art!

What I love about working with PMC is that I am able to utilize both my fine art and crafting skills. I can sketch each piece, hand craft it and watch it come to life, first in clay form and then in fine silver. If you like what you see, please share my site with someone that you think will smile when they see it.

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"What I love most about Rebecca's jewelry is that it is a cool combination of tough and sweet - leather cuffs with silver flowers or hearts, beautiful pendants on a stainless steel wire or trendy, chunky rings with embedded birthstones. I have one of each and love them all. The hardest part is not wearing them all at the same time!" view more >>

— Nancy Marcus