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Hot Glass

Working with hot glass and using it to experiment with color and shape is one of my artistic passions. My desire to blow glass and my need for a creative outlet aided my decision to open RC Hotglass. In 2009 I sold the hot shop equipment to Morgan Graff, an amazing glass artist and friend. I continue to rent bench time from her and feel lucky to be able to work on familiar equipment. If you are here looking for a glass artist or are interested in classes, private lessons or custom work, please check out Morgan’s site at www.GLASSBLOWINGAUSTIN.com. Maybe I’ll run into you there! If you are here to look at my work, please check out my gallery. Most of my current inventory consists of glass bottle stoppers.

I welcome you to browse through my portfolio and find what makes you happy! Maybe it will be my ornaments, bottle stoppers, corporate gifts, vases, bowls or some other gallery glass art. Feel free to contact me if you find the piece you must have for yourself or for a gift.

Bottle Stoppers

RC Hotglass bottle stoppers make perfect gifts. Everyone has a bottle they need stopped! Maybe it’s a bottle of dish soap by the sink, a bottle of honey or olive oil in the kitchen, a bottle of bath salts by the tub or the ever-popular uncorked bottle of wine!! You know those situations where you want to give a gift, but not spend too much? You want to make a good impression, but not get too personal… buy a stopper! Better yet, buy a few to keep in your present stash, and then you’ll be ready with a gift at a moment’s notice!

These reusable stoppers add flare and style to any bottle. They come in many different shapes and colors, you will be able to find one for any occasion! All you have to do is let me know which one you want, or what I can make for you!