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My web designers said I had to write a bio for my site – so, here you go... I grew up in Odessa, TX, which is not exactly a cultural Mecca, but it is filled with some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Growing up in Odessa may not have influenced me much artistically, but it is certainly where I picked up my mad interpersonal skills.

People often ask me “Why glass blowing?” The answer that pops into my head is, “because it’s so cool.” In addition to the cool factor, I have always been fascinated by the medium, and I had wanted to try it out, but I never had access to a hot shop.

My corporate job sent me to New Jersey in 2007. Just before returning to TX, I took my first glass blowing class and was immediately hooked! I moved back to Austin and rented bench time in a local studio for a year before opening my own studio, RC Hot Glass in East Austin in 2008.

I have been lucky to spend time at Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine. There I studied with Michael Schunke of Nine Iron Studios and Susanne Joker Johnsen from Denmark. Blowing glass at Haystack with Michael, Susanne and so many talented glass blowers have been defining moments for me. It was those experiences that led me to make the decision to pursue my dream of opening a studio.

In 2010 I finalized the sale of the shop to Morgan Graff-Bogart. Check her out at www.GLASSBLOWINGAUSTIN.com. Selling the shop allowed me to keep my love of blowing glass and not losing the passion to it becoming a job.

My bio as it relates to making jewelry is shorter. I started by taking a PMC (precious metal clay) class at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin in 2011. Within a couple of months I had a small kiln in my garage and I had taught a beginning PMC class. What attracts me to this medium is that I can sketch my ideas and produce them exactly as I envision them, with glass this same concept is hit or miss for me.

Please check out my gallery and see if anything puts a smile on your face. That’s my goal!
Thank you for your interest and support in making my dreams come true.